Internships Abroad

At AMMACHI Labs, we have several team members who have had the opportunity to engage in meaningful learning exchanges, immersive research projects and professional development opportunities. Here are some of their stories:

Unni is specializes in haptics research.

Unni is specializes in haptics research.

Unnikrishnan Radhakrishnan – Haptics researcher
EPFL, Switzerland
“I spent four months with Prof. Pierre Dillenbourg’s Computer-Human Interaction for Learning & Instruction (CHILI) labs, EPFL (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne), Switzerland as a visiting researcher. I worked with the vocational education technologies group led by Beat Schwendimann on building technologies to teach carpentry planning skills using augmented reality (chilitags) technologies. During my time there I found that CHILI labs researchers have a wide repertoire of skills and research interests ranging from the cognitive sciences to computer vision and robotics, and their approach to solving problems in a collaborative fashion left a deep impression in me. My research work at CHILI labs will soon be tested in the field among Indian carpenters, and I hope this is the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship between our labs.”


Haptics researcher Akshay Nagarajan made valuable connections at Stanford University and the University of Michigan.

Haptics researcher Akshay Nagarajan made valuable connections at Stanford University and the University of Michig

Akshay Nagarajan – Haptics researcher and M.Tech student
Stanford University 

“In January 2012, I was a visiting researcher to the Salisbury Robotics Lab at Stanford University for the winter and spring terms. The Salisbury Robotics Lab is headed by Prof. Ken Salisbury, popularly known as the inventor of the phantom haptic device. During my visiting term, I was engaged in developing a low cost haptic simulator for vocational training that we hope to deploy in India and as a course assistant for the CS277: Experimental Haptics course offered by Prof. Salisbury. I also got to attend the Haptics Symposium 2012 conference in Vancouver with Prof. Salisbury and his doctoral students. My experience at Stanford University has given me a fresh perspective on how to carry out research in the field of haptics and I learnt a great deal about various force feedback mechanisms and haptic rendering algorithms.

University of Michigan
For three months, between May and July of 2012, I was a visiting researcher to Prof. Brent Gillespie’s Haptix Lab at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. I spent time with Prof. Brent Gillespie, assisting him and Dr. Bill Verplank in the conduct of the workshop on “DIY Haptics for Musical Expression” during the NIME 2012 conference at UMich and in creating the workshop material for the Cigar Box project. I was also given the opportunity to observe and participate in their journal club meetings and projects involving developing the control system for an arm exoskeleton, conducting psycho-physical experiments and experimental testing of robot mechanisms controlled by rat bio signals. I had a wonderful time at UMich where I got to learn the culture of hashing together quick prototypes and gained deeper insight on haptics for learning and motor skill assessment through conversations with Prof. Gillespie.”
At AMMACHI Labs Akshay is a haptics researcher and the Technical Manager for Research and Development.

Jose James – PhD Scholar in Haptics

Giving a presentation at the Technical University Munich

Presenting his work at Technical University Munich

Technical University Munich
“I am pursuing my PhD in multipoint haptics. Last year I got an Erasmus Mundus Heritage India-Europe fellowship for a ten month research internship at the Technical University Munich (TUM) in Germany. I was a visiting research scholar on a ProHaptics project under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Eckehard Steinbach at Institute of Media Technology. During my research time at TUM, I completed one course work on Computational Haptics and did research on integration of haptics libraries and collision detection methods on FEM graphics rendering libraries like Vega FEM. I also developed a surface mount soldering skill training simulation with visio-haptic feedback. My current research interests are multi point haptic rendering for deformable and non-deformable objects and VR audio-visuo-haptic simulations for vocational and surgical skill training.”

At AMMACHI Labs, Jose works as a Senior Software Engineer on the haptics team that designs simulators and devices for humanitarian and educational applications.


At the Hacker School in New York Aishwarya has the opportunity to sharpen her skills and gain professional experience.

Aishwarya Subramaniam – Software Developer

Recurse Center – Hacker School NYC
“’Never graduate’ is the motto and inspiration of the amazing programming retreat I am attending at the Recurse Center – Hacker School in New York City. I work with folks from around the world who are self motivated, have diverse professional backgrounds, and with a common goal of becoming a better programmer. I spend most of my time learning, pair programming, attending talks and workshops, tweaking, refactoring and rebasing code. In my initial weeks, I learned how to build a multiplayer game and a real time chat application. I am currently working on building an Android application to promote and encourage women in technology. With majority users shifting to mobile base, my next leap is to learn to build Android applications. With this enriching learning experience, I hope to ‘never graduate’!”

At AMMACHI Labs, Aishwarya works on front end development for the mySangham online learning exchange portal that makes vocational education training accessible to all.