Haptics: Simulators for Motor Skill Learning

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Our haptic simulators are motorized devices that apply force feedback on the trainee’s hand, allowing them to feel virtual objects and produce true-to-life touch sensations. The trainee can manipulate on-screen 3D objects to achieve a real-life training environment without the real-life occupational hazards. Our simulators offer compelling yet safe training methods using the realistic sense of touch.


Our simulators provide a safe and easy-to-use technology to train a diverse group of students.

Human motor skill training forms a large portion of the curriculum for any training involving fine motor skills. Skill intensive vocations from carpentry to surgery, demand long hours of training in order to gain expertise and workmanship to perform complex tasks skillfully. Our work in development of simulators for human motor skill training in vocational trades has naturally involved research in this field. Study of motor skill learning form a large portion of the research that drives the learning systems that form a part of any simulator or training courseware. The learning from this directly translates to the design of robot manipulators and in human robot interaction resulting in the next generation of robot.
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