M.Tech Robotics

Strong Academics, Collaborative Robotics
AMMACHI Labs offers strong academic programs that inspire students with a quest for knowledge and a focus on innovation. The interdisciplinary Robotics and Automation M.Tech program was launched in 2014 in collaboration with the Department of Mechanical Engineering. This program brings together students from diverse engineering backgrounds, and prepares them to take leading roles in the application driven research and development of future generations of collaborative robotic technologies and systems that work alongside humans. In addition, this program provides the necessary foundations for a professional career in the field of robotics and automation to meet the needs of the Indian control and automation industry today.

Rich Curriculum Designed by Experts
AMMACHI Labs has drawn the expertise of several distinguished, internationally renowned experts in various areas of robotics including: Dr. Ron Lumia (University of New Mexico), Dr. Raj Madhavan (University of Maryland), Dr. Kurien Issac (IIT Bombay). and Dr. Venkat Krovi (SUNY Buffalo).

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Why Our Program Is Unique
AMMACHI Labs believes that life-long learning requires active, hands-on projects that allow creativity and innovation to flow. We encourage students to apply their ideas into physical constructs and provide a dynamic, cutting edge environment to tinker and learn.

  1. Our curriculum is based on international standards of robotics curricula from various universities around the world and have we designed courses and projects to fit India’s generation of students.
  2. Our hands on, multidisciplinary approach steers away from mere theories into practical applications, especially applications in the vision of AMMACHI Labs commitment to serve society with technological innovation.
  3. We require students to do a hands on major project in their second year and encourage our students to think differently from the traditional siloed approach in most engineering programs in India today.

M.Tech Brochure
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M.Tech Gallery (click photos for a detailed view)

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