Lab Chat – Episode 2 – The Spiritual Technologist

Alexander Muir

Alexander Muir

Spirituality or science?

Join us for a chat with Dr. Alexander Muir, UX Research Strategist and Associate Professor at Amrita University. He teaches Human Computer Interaction and is a veteran design researcher, with a multidisciplinary interest in technology, psychology, education, music and spirituality.

In this episode, Alexander discusses his journey from Redmond, WA to India and shares insights on spirituality and science.


“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.”

2 thoughts on “Lab Chat – Episode 2 – The Spiritual Technologist

  1. Would like to reach out to you all to see if there are possibilities in helping out for STEM in India
    Please let me know i know you guys do a lot of good things
    This is to help an young energetic man who is fond of helping and serving young kids

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