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Our research in human societies and empowerment extends to our humanitarian outreach programs.

Our research in human societies and empowerment extends to our humanitarian outreach programs.

Poverty is multi dimensional, not just a lack of money, but includes deficiencies in social well being (i.e., health, education, family support, spiritual fulfillment, etc.). Individuals require certain capabilities (extrinsic and intrinsic) in order to achieve functioning or well-being in life. Well-being is a complex concept, composed of both physical and non-physical components. AMMACHI Labs is well poised to research this phenomenon given that our work takes us into a number of populations struggling with poverty in all of its dimensions.

Our approach to vocational education and training in-turn reflects this multidimensional perspective and incorporates a Life Enrichment Education (LEE) curriculum that directly impacts individual’s well-being and engages students in the community. This type of comprehensive skill training enables them to learn what they need to know to be healthier, take care of their families, identify safety concerns and strategize relief measures, provide for their  family, learn how to interact with others, contribute to society, utilize government infrastructures and schemes and leverage current technology.  From using a toilet to recognizing flags for human trafficking, these women will be armed for increased control over their own lives.

Our research focus includes measuring empowerment and its various aspects (social, economic, psychological, legal among others), addressing sustainability for skill development, developing innovative delivery models, evaluation of vocational education and community driven approaches to learning.

And at the core of our vision to use technology and our research for social outreach are our Women Empowerment initiatives. Learn more

Women Empowerment Project Impact

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