Accelerating Women's Empowerment through System Oriented Model Expansion

AWESOME is a solution model for delivering effective transformational change and durable interventional strategies towards the empowerment of women and strengthening gender equality in communities. AWESOME has been developed and tested by the Center for Women’s Empowerment and Gender Equality (CWEGE) at Amrita University, India’s first UNESCO Chair in Women’s Empowerment and Gender Equality. AWESOME’s main pillars include Research & Development, Grassroots Actions, Community Resources, and Supporting Technologies.

The Awesome Mission

To deliver transformative action rooted in research across all sustainability pillars and geographic contexts to empower women to leverage their resources, live free of discrimination in healthy and safe environments, and enjoy access to quality education, cultural, political and socioeconomic equality.

Activity Areas

Research and Development

Focus on holistic interventions that address the six primary dimensions of women’s empowerment: Economic Vitality, Environmental Quality, Society, Politics & Culture, Safety & Security, Education, and Health.

Supporting Technology

Implement a technology platform loaded with tools and applications in support of field mobility, community certification, funding traceability, and advocacy programs to achieve Self-reliance.

Grassroots Action

Deliver durable women’s empowerment interventions along the six dimensions at the individual, household and community levels.

Community Resource Centers

Engage local personnel in evaluating women’s empowerment context-relevant issues, and monitoring implementations several key performance indicators to optimize the impact of the implemented interventions

AWESOME Priority Programs

  • Women's Empowerment Body of Knowledge

  • Certification Standards and Indicators

  • Cloud-Based Technology Solution

  • Community Resource Centers

  • Standard Operation Workflows

  • Tools for Community Certification

  • Advocacy

  • Annual Conferences

  • Supply Chain Capabilities

  • MOOC Programs

  • Tools for Seal Management

  • Model Training Curriculum on AWESOME

  • Management of Operational Finances

  • Funding Screening and Community Matching