Gender Conversations Workshops


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Gender Conversations Workshops

March 8, 2021 –

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Bhavani Rao

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The Gender Conversation Workshop series addresses the issue of gender equality, masculinity, and mental health at the individual, household, and community levels. The ultimate purpose is to promote the wellbeing of the CRPF servicemen and women and improve their overall morale. This is a unique program that involves awareness building and training to encourage healthy dialogue on gender and mental health among the CRPF personnel and their families. It also seeks to promote them as positive role models at the community level. The program had successfully trained over 21,000 Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) peacekeepers and paramilitary members through gender sensitization workshops in 2021. This project is supported by Charu Sinha, Inspector General, Central Reserve Police Force, Srinagar Sector.

A two-year monitoring project is presently underway.

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