Trying out the Ri-Cycle

“Ri-Cycle” Rice Transplanter


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“Ri-Cycle” Rice Transplanter

Trying out the Ri-Cycle
December 12, 2019 – December 12, 2019

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Rice saplings need to be planted with regular spacing to optimize water and nutrient intake. This process is very labor intensive and leads to back problems and repetitive stress injuries in the farm laborers. Though there are technologies which address this problem, we felt the need to develop a low cost semi-automated alternative, intended for farmers who cannot afford expensive automation equipment and farm labor. Our “Ri-Cycle” design implements the efficient Legowo row planting system and it is easily manufactured and maintained, as it requires only cheap bicycle parts to be built. The design also comes in a cart based variant.

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Past/Completed Project
Project Areas:
Rural Technologies
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Humanitarian Robotics
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  • Trying out the Ri-Cycle

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