Do. Think. Learn.

AMMACHI Labs has created the 2nd Foundation, a new education initiative for teaching 21st-century skills to school children and young adults in rural India.

If the first foundation of education is provided by the school and community in the basic literacies and values, the 2nd Foundation fortifies these with the 21st century skills. We put equal emphasis on teaching essential life and social problem solving skills alongside advanced technical skills like programming, robotics and hardware prototyping. This unique mix ensures that the youth build up resilience to face all eventualities that an unpredictable future brings.

Combining Technology with Social/Emotional Learning

The 2nd Foundation workshops reimagine education holistically and combine high technology with social and emotional learning. The workshops are taught in schools and rural areas across India and are delivered by young graduates who have been trained as trainers by AMMACHI Labs, fostering a peer-to-peer learning environment that is conducive to learning.

The technical workshops and social/emotional learning workshops are woven together to create a unified platform for deeper and more integrated learning.

Technical Workshops

In our maker skills workshop, students learn hand-on skills in the use of tools allowing them to participate in actual fabrication activities typically afforded only to trained professionals. The desire to make design and prototyping more integral to the school education experience is what inspires the Maker Workshop.

Social/Emotional Learning Workshops

In order to encourage the next generation into becoming responsible citizens, it is important that they attain self-efficacy and self-esteem, being sensitive to their own emotional and physical needs. We engage the students in topics ranging from health, sanitation, hygiene to self confidence, team building, creative self-expression and peer to peer learning. Our approach to SEL is through an activity based learning strategy where the students script and act in theater performances, create documentaries and take part in debates & discussions with their peers. The SEL workshop sets the foundation for the Social Problem Solving skills as only a confident and self-aware person can begin to transform their community.