Our Response to COVID-19




On one hand, India faces a dearth of skilled labor and on the other, the vocational training infrastructure required to train the millions simply do not exist. AMMACHI Labs aims to bridge this gap using its innovative Computerized Vocational Educational and Training (CVET) methodologies using a blend of tablet based MOOC style multimedia content, haptic simulators, serious games for learning, and pedagogical strategies on the ground using blended and peer to peer learning techniques. Our courses and learning technologies are designed with a keen focus on user experience, cultural sensitivity & scalability. In creating content for our CVET courses, we are also helping immortalize the skills and teaching styles of our subject matter experts.

Both economic and social empowerment are addressed in our two prong approach; interweaving computerized vocational education and training (cVET) with life enrichment education (LEE). While cVET provides technical skills in competencies to enhance one’s viability in the work force, LEE provides an all-inclusive set of skills to facilitate the integration and sustainability of the technical skills into one’s life.

Children also benefit from the interactive LEE activities such as hand washing, nail cutting, hygiene, and sanitation awareness. All LEE activities are done in community settings to begin with an infrastructure of support and teamwork. Results from the field have shown that this is a powerful way to scale up skill development and respond to the needs of a community.