Adopted Villages

The MA Math has adopted villages throughout India with the vision to make them self-reliant. With the goal of empowering rural communities, AMMACHI Labs has designed hi-tech and lo-tech social interventions in the areas of sustainability, water, sanitation and education. We are also working to support the Government of India’s initiative for Open Defecation Free (ODF) Villages and the Swachh Bharat Campaign. We don’t just go in and build toilets, we train the women of the community on toilet building using available materials, build with them, and hold sessions with the entire family on the necessity of proper sanitation for health and hygiene.

Working side-by-side.

Our engineers, social scientists, field workers, volunteers and exchange students from around the globe all work alongside rural villagers to understand India's complex social problems.  Everyone that works in AMMACHI Labs and CWEGE spend at least one month in the field every year.


While everyone in the lab works for some time in the field every year, there is a core field team that spends most of their time in the field, working tirelessly- facilitating and implementing our training programs, conducting studies, and evaluating effectiveness. Their efforts are really the heart and hands of our work.

  • Sheeja chechi and women in the field
  • Researcher Srividya in Byse Village
  • Students interning with AMMACHI Labs via Live in Labs
  • Serious game play
  • Field Team
  • Developers, Field Team members and village members working together happilly
  • Lab member and village member working together