At the core of our efforts to research, design, and implement social and technological solutions is the practice of impact evaluation. CWEGE and AMMACHI Labs work to understand the needs of communities through the lens of skill development and community vulnerability, with a focus on empowerment. Our commitment to producing research and development that will have a positive impact on society, with a dual focus on knowledge gathering and sharing has lent to the development of various tools and methods to enable scientific implementation evaluation.

With our efforts focused on the most underserved communities in India — the rural Indian context, addressing unique and unexplored challenges in turn calls for innovative and adaptive research methods that authentically capture the target group’s needs, assess solution impact and effectiveness. The challenges of conducting field research within communities that predominantly live off the grid and are unexposed to mainstream tools of measurement inspire our interdisciplinary team of field researchers with expertise in social, education and data sciences. We continuously explore and create evaluation solutions using mutli-modal analytics that incorporate technology based approaches such as haptics, serious gaming and virtual reality, while grounded within established theoretical models.