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E-Content for Skill Development

Our rapidly expanding roster of CVET (Computerized Vocational Education and Training) courses captures and disseminates the knowledge of subject matter experts from a wide variety of trades.

AMMACHI Labs has a team of instructional designers, multimedia artists and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who develop high quality content tailored for rural communities. We have international experts in tailoring, hair care, tiling, plumbing among other trades volunteering with us to develop our extensive roster of courses. We simultaneously ensure that these SMEs’ expertise are taken to the masses while at the same time ensuring that rural India gets access to high quality vocational training content following international standards. We consult with the Indian government and various other actors in the vocational training space to align our content with national standards like the MES (Modular Employment Skills) and the NOS (National Occupational Standards). Our content production quality has also been recognized by the Ministry of Human Resources Development and the National Instructional Media Institute.



In our quest to bring quality vocational education content to the masses, we have developed various technologies and methodologies to implement solutions grounded with a deep understanding of the psychographics and technographics of our target populations. Keeping User Experience (UX) principles in mind, our designers, artists and engineers create learning solutions that are designed to work across India’s rich cultural and linguistic diversity.

E-Learning Courses Developed by AMMACHI Labs