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Immersive Learning

Technologies to Enhance Motor Skill Development

Human motor skill training forms a large portion of the curriculum for any training involving fine motor skills. Whether it is routine carpentry or complex brain surgery, skill intensive vocations and professions demand long hours of training in order to gain the expertise and workmanship needed to perform complex tasks skillfully. Exercising the motor control processes is a necessary component of training. While there is money and effort put around the world in developing advanced skills simulators for pilot training and surgery, we are one of the pioneers in the world for developing cost-effective simulators targeting the vocational trades. Understanding this area and leveraging technologies to enhance motor skill development is at the heart of work at AMMACHI Labs. We use technologies like haptics to train in manual skills, virtual reality for immersive learning, machine learning to measure human performance and create intelligent software tutors. We have deployed our skill training simulators across India in collaboration with partners like Larsen & Toubro and the Andhra Pradesh State Skill Development Corporation.

To strengthen the economic fiber and contribute to social stability of the nation by empowering India’s masses in a sustainable, cost-effective and scalable way by providing innovative technological solutions and resources for physical, vocational and social skill development.

Immersive Learning


We address human sorrow and hardship with empathy, let our research and experience guide our judgment, and compassion guide our decisions. We put our minds to work for causes that are guided by our hearts. Although our group is diverse in disciplines and research methods, we stand unified in our philosophies, and in our commitment to society through a Problem Driven Iterative Approach. We conduct research, and design and implement technologies, for the purpose of solving social problems leading to inclusive development of under-served communities.