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AMMACHI Lab’s RuralTechnology team has designed and deployed a low-cost wearable assistive device for women

AMMACHI Lab’s #RuralTechnology team has designed and deployed a low-cost wearable assistive device for women in the rural villages (Dunda and Udalka) of Uttarakhand for assisting them to carry the conventionally used basket for carrying the load.

Women usually carry 30 to 50 Kgs of compost, gas cylinder, grass, fire woods in these baskets. Normally, they carry the loaded basket using thin shoulder straps made of twisted cloth and they put the basket on their back. While they move uphill and downhill, the loaded basket exerts significant among of force on the shoulders and lower back. It was noticed that major women population of these villages suffers shoulder and back pain because of this. This was the motivation behind the design of the device which will help women to carry the load basket with more ease and comfort and thereby improving their health.

This device will distribute the load between the shoulder and hip region thereby reducing the strain over shoulders and spine. We have conducted technical and clinical studies to validate the efficiency of the device before deploying them among the women. Right now there are 27 devices deployed within these two villages. Women find them very comfortable to carry the loaded basket with the assistive device compared to the old way of carrying baskets. Svishnu Rajendran, Harish Mohan, Aymeric Maurin, Karishma Sebastian, Jogesh S Nanda, Rahul K., Yamuna Sandrine, Vinod Vicky Rawat Bhavani Chechi.

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