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AMMACHI Labs – Technology Touching Lives.

Welcome to AMMACHI Lab’s. Technology and education supporting the masses of India.
AMMACHI Labs is a multidisciplinary research center of Amrita University with a focus in technological innovation for social impact in the field of computer-human interaction, haptics, multimedia and virtual reality, with application areas in education, health care, defense and disaster preparedness. AMMACHI Labs extends Amrita University’s unswerving focus on providing effective value-based education to include skill development at all levels and in all disciplines.
Our Vision
To strengthen the economic fibre and contribute to social stability of the nation by empowering India’s masses in a sustainable, cost-effective and scalable way by providing innovative technological solutions and resources for physical, vocational and social skill development.

Our Mission
To develop comprehensive, learning tools such as e- content for training, simulators for skill development, augmentation devices for skill enhancement , in an effort to develop a scalable and cost effective implementation solution to significantly impact the livelihood of impoverished communities.

* To develop a Centre of Excellence in Robotics and Automation which will provide an innovative place of study and research to foster exploration of the latest advances in robotics, haptics VR, AR and TEL environments.

* To establish multi-skill development centres throughout India and integrate robotic and automation advances into skill training, assessment and skill enhancement.

A Diverse and Human Centered Team
AMMACHI labs is an eclectic group of professionals in a wide range of disciplines. Our team consists of engineers (mechanical, electronics, electrical, computer science, production), machinists, 2D and 3D artists and animators, audio engineers, videographers and editors, instructional designers, teachers, UI/UX experts, social workers, psychologists, management and health-care professionals, artisans and master craftsmen, content writers and translators. Working together in a culture of human centered design, the AMMACHI labs team practices an interwoven, and integrated approach to development, from the research phase, all the way to deployment in the field.

by AMMACHI Labs.