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Beyond Barriers: Empowering Women Leaders to Rise Above Glass Ceilings and Sticky Floors

October 18, 2023 –  Dr Bhavani Rao, AMMACHI Labs and CWEGE director and UNESCO Chair for Gender Equality & Women’s Empowerment, participated in the event organised by Voluntary Action Network India (VANI), in New Delhi, under the topic “Beyond Barriers: Empowering Women Leaders to Rise Above Glass Ceilings and Sticky Floors”.  
Ms. Maja Daruwala participated in the event also. Ms Darawala is the former director and presently Chief Editor, India Justice Report and Senior Advisor, Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative. As a barrister she has worked to advocate for rights and social justice since 40 years. She is also Senior Advisor to Tata Trusts.

The goal of the event was to bring together women leaders from various sectors of Indian civil society to foster collaboration, networking, and the sharing of experiences  and  resources.  By  connecting  and  amplifying  their  collective  voices,  the meeting aimed to empower these leaders to effect meaningful change in their respective fields and contribute to the broader advancement of women’s rights and gender equality in India.

The key discussion points were:

1. Sharing Best Practices: Participants will have the opportunity to showcase successful initiatives, programs, and strategies they have implemented in their organizations or movements. This sharing of best practices will help identify models of success that can be adapted and scaled.

2. Collaboration Opportunities: Discussion on potential collaboration areas, joint initiatives, and resource-sharing mechanisms. The goal is to identify areas where women leaders can complement each other’s efforts and collaborate effectively.

3. Networking Session: A dedicated networking session to foster connections and partnerships among attendees. Participants will have the chance to build relationships and explore opportunities for future collaboration.

4.   Capacity Building: Exploring the need for capacity-building programs and mentorship opportunities to enhance the leadership skills and organizational capacity of women leaders.

5.   Sustainability and Long-term Commitment: Establishing a commitment to ongoing collaboration  and  networking  beyond  this  meeting,  including  the  formation  of working groups or task forces to address specific challenges.

The outcomes:

1.   Enhancing collaboration and networking among women leaders of Indian civil society.
2.   Identifying concrete initiatives and projects for future cooperation.
3.   Increasing visibility and influence of women leaders in their respective sectors.
4.   Strengthening  commitment  to  advancing  gender  equality  and  women’s  rights  in India.