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Handcrafted Excellence: Rush Order Fulfillment for National Dental Conference

March 16-17, 2024, the Shivshakti Stitching Unit located in #Kattilkadavu, Kollam district, fulfilled a rush order for handmade banded conference bags. These bags were specifically crafted for a national conference hosted by the #AmritaSchoolOfDentistry.

The term “rush order” suggests that the request for these conference bags came with a tight deadline or urgent requirement. Despite the time constraints, the stitching unit managed to produce and deliver the required bags within the stipulated timeframe.

These handmade bags likely showcase a high level of craftsmanship and attention to detail, reflecting the dedication and skill of the workers at the Shivshakti Stitching Unit. Their ability to meet such deadlines underscores their efficiency and reliability as a supplier.

The fact that these bags were delivered for a national conference hosted by the Amrita School of Dentistry suggests the importance and scale of the event, further highlighting the significance of the order and the role played by the stitching unit in supporting such gatherings.

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