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Communication training by Marie Normand

Resource Person: Marie Normand

Venue: Ammachi labs Conference room

Date: 13\11\2017

Workshop Introduction:

Working in a Global culture of the digital age, where new job roles are created everyday, technical skills are not enough to maximize the Lab members’ potential. It is increasingly becoming a necessity to regularly update one’s skills. Seeing this as our responsibility to help staff members upgrade their skills, we conducted a few trainings in various areas ranging from employability skills to photoshop workshops.

A part of Ammachi labs R&D trainings, a communication workshop was held by communications consultant/coach/trainer, Marie Normand from France. Recognizing the importance of effective communication in the workplace to improve employee productivity, this workshop was designed specifically for the purpose. Communications trainer, Marie started the session with the basics of communications and explained the various types of communications. She elaborated on the importance of non verbal communication and body language and also highlighted the importance of listening. The workshop included various activities on improving communication skills. There was engaging group discussions held on the importance of good communication skills and its necessity in today’s workplace. The workshop concluded with the participants filling a  questionnaire to find their communication style.


To implement employability skills trainings for Ammachilabs staff members


The participants got an insight into the way communications work. It enabled them to  analyse their own communication styles and encouraged them to become more aware of their communication with others. The workshop also encouraged them to practice listening skills and they were inspired to put in practice the effective communication tips given to them by the trainer.

Workshop attendees with Marie Normand


The workshop was pivotal in giving an in-depth insight on how the Lab members can improve their communications in the workplace to ensure a positive work culture.