Our Response to COVID-19

Community Health Event at Kanti – CCRRC project

December 25, 2023 – On Christmas Day, a community health event was organized at the Amrita Library in Kanti village, Haryana. The event was part of the Community Covid Resilience Resource Center (CCRRC) project, funded by the Department of Science & Technology (DST), Government of India.

The event included a Tuberculosis TB awareness session, followed by a survey to identify potential TB patients and symptomatic individuals in the village. A health and diet session was also held, highlighting the importance of a nutritious diet and the inclusion of pulses and green vegetables in daily meals.

Sarpanch Shri Devi Singh and Shri Nepal Singh Chauhan of Kanti village, inaugurated the event and distributed a free supply of pulses (dal) that benefited 80 families attending the event.

Also present, AMMACHI Labs staff and CCRRC project staff members including Mahesh S Unnithan, Vinod Singh Rawat, Priyanka, Reena, and Montoo, and two Dutch students from University of Twente, Luca Vershure and Oliver Maddock who are visiting India.

The CCRRC project is  implemented by Amrita University’s School for Sustainable Futures and UNESCO Chair on Experiential Learning for Sustainable Innovation & Development, jointly with the DST. It aims towards providing community level interventions focused on various thematic areas to translate technological advancements to provide sustainable solutions to various challenges.