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Creative direction session with Anuradha Srinivasan

Resource Person: Anuradha Srinivasan

Venue: Ammachi Labs

Date: 29/01/2016

Attendees: Ajay Balakrishnan, Renjith P, Sooraj KS, Sachith K P, Manu T M, Anila Suresh, Aishwarya Gopal, Yashwin S, Neenu S, Arati B, Jayakumar

Workshop Introduction: 

This workshop conducted by Anuradha is to share her expertise in using the strategic and creative process when designing and developing quality videos. It is an opportunity to gain more latest creativity trends by understanding the many sides of physical and virtual changes of the environment and translating them into new languages and communication forms. 


The objective of this workshop is to provide an opportunity to participants to learn Anuradha’s approach and technical creative direction skills using latest trends to develop videos. This will allow participants to explore variety of processes and methodologies that allows them to create videos with attention to all stages of video designing and development. Gain knowledge in creativity, Management,

Design, Communications, Managing Expectations, Stakeholder Management when developing videos.


  • Anuradha provided Tips and Tools to create simple yet very profound videos to present the subject.
  • Provided tips on how to manage creative processes such as design, communiction, media production and entertainment when developing videos.
  • Gained few ideas when developing an overall mood, tone, look and feel and message tat unifies creative works.
  • Learnt some pitching ideas to clients and managing expecations such that they are happy with results.
  • Learnt few necessary personality skills such as flexible mentality, problem solving skills, being aware of new ideas and creating quality videos.


Overall workshop is very knowledgeable. Participants are  putting into practices all these skills learnt through this workshop.

Participants gained new ideas and vision to develop innovative videos

Participants of the workshop with Ms. Anuradha