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Design Intensive with Daniel Edwards

Resource Person: Daniel Edwards

Venue: Ammachi labs Conference room 

Date: 12\12\2014

Attendees: 13

Workshop Introduction: 

Working in a Global culture of the digital age, where new job roles are created every day, technical skills are not enough to maximize the Lab members’ potential. It is increasingly becoming a necessity to regularly update one’s skills. Seeing this as our responsibility to help staff members upgrade their skills, we conducted a few trainings in various areas ranging from employability skills to design workshops.

Team members from Ammachi labs had participated an interactive six-week Design Intensive taught by designer Daniel Edwards. Daniel is the lead designer at Madison college in Wisconsin with an extensive portfolio in design and art. Fundamental of design, composition, graphic design software tips and tricks were covered.

Objective: To explain advance design principles, composition, photography, graphic design software tips to Ammachi Labs team members

Outcome: Daniel’s hands on mentorship has been a valuable resource for the entire team. The design team was inspired by Daniel and made efforts to incorporate the tips given by him in their daily tasks.

Conclusion: The workshops helped the ammachi labs graphics team to explore and investigate visual representation through a range of image-making techniques; understand basic principles of working with shape, colour and pattern. The session also explored language and skills of typography and understand the principles of composition and visual contrast.

Fundamentals of design, composition by Daniel Edwards, Ammachi labs.
photographic composition session by  Daniel Edwards

Course completion certificate was issued after the training.