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DST Workshop: Developing Safe Spaces to Successfully Navigate Social Media

Workshop details

The workshop, Developing Safe Spaces to Successfully Navigate Social Media, aims to mentor school children to build safe spaces by creating level one social media competencies and an understanding of the concepts of Social Emotional Learning. The workshop offers a wide range of content to support students’ growth by creating and leading online and offline safe spaces. The components of Social Emotional Learning cultivate essential skills and values such as creativity and compassion in the participants that further lead to healthier and safer relationships with social media platforms.  

Workshop objectives

  • Enabling the children to consciously consume social media and be aware of the associated risks and the means to avoid them. 
  • Mentoring the children to create and lead safe spaces for their social-emotional learning.
  • Manifesting self-awareness and an understanding of online emotions 

Learning outcomes

Vocational Outcomes:

On successful completion of this course, the student will improve to:

  • Identify physical safe spaces around them 
  • Develop level one social media competencies  
  • Get the conceptual understanding of emotions, compassion, and other values 
  • Cultivate of mindfulness and emotional expression outlets
  • Blossom the “12 inner senses” like the sense of identity, sense of strength, etc.
  • Improve self-efficacy 
  • Increase self compassionate behavior 
  • Stabilize moods and emotions 
  • Regulate online/social media behavior 

Essential Employability Skills

  • Teamwork
  • General Self Efficacy
  • Communication
  • Social Media Level one competency


Children in the age group of 15 – 17 years. Preferably, children in secondary and higher secondary school with interest in Social media platforms. 


Applications in Smartphones
  • Instagram 
  • Canva App 
Other requirements 
  • Internet-enabled smartphones
  • Projectors 
  • Basic stationery Notepads and pens)
  • Art supplies 


How are you finding the sessions on Micro:bit for social making?

Nice class, understood everything but had some net issue so that she couldn’t present the video but she send link in group .

Roma (8A)

It was a good class and it helped us to know more about microbit.

Prapenj Prem

For us the session was really helpful and informative.

Vrinda (9th)

The session was valuable and helped us to know more information about Microbit and electric components.

Nived Krishna (9th)
Testimonial by Santoshi Yadav