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Gayathri Manikutty spoke about realizing the G20 recommendations for women-led businesses- the road ahead.

14-15, 2024, a significant event called the ‘Rising Women: A Women First Founder’ investor conclave took place at the American Center in Kolkata. This event was particularly significant as it coincided with ‘Women History Month’, aiming to celebrate the achievements and contributions of women in various spheres. 

The conclave served as a platform for women leaders, stakeholders, entrepreneurs, investors, and experts from India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and the United States to come together and engage in meaningful discussions. It attracted a diverse array of participants, reflecting the global nature of the topics under discussion. 

Gayathri Manikutty, a Senior Researcher and Assistant Professor at AMMACHI Labs, was among the distinguished guest speakers at the event, spoke about realizing the G20 recommendations for women-led businesses – the road ahead.

The first day of the conclave focused on the theme ‘InvestInHerBusiness’. Discussions revolved around the challenges faced by women entrepreneurs in accessing funding and financial services. Participants explored strategies to overcome these challenges, including addressing unconscious bias, mitigating risk aversion, and increasing awareness. Key topics included when and how to raise capital for businesses, the role of innovation in driving progress, and leveraging networks to foster business growth.

The second day’s theme, ‘InvestInHerSkills’, shifted the focus towards the importance of education and skill development in empowering women’s leadership and enhancing their participation in emerging sectors, notably Industry 4.0. This reflects a broader recognition of the crucial role that education and skill acquisition play in promoting gender equality and fostering economic empowerment among women. 

Overall, the conclave provided a valuable opportunity for stakeholders to exchange ideas, share experiences, and identify actionable strategies to support women’s entrepreneurship and advancement in various fields. By addressing both the financial and skill-related aspects of women’s empowerment, the event aimed to contribute to the broader goal of promoting gender equality and inclusivity in the business world and beyond.