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Gendered Spaces in Drought-Prone Gujarat

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Date: 11/5/2021

Venue: Zoom meeting

Participants: MSW students (S2)

Objective: The online guest speaker session was organised exclusively for the MSW students is to discuss and learn about drought in Gujarat and how women are affected by it. Also to know about the issues of the people living in such areas and the strategies of the government to handle the problems.

About Resource Personnel: Dr Nairwita is an assistant professor, she is currently the Head Of the Department of Geography at Haringhata College, University of Kalyani. She is a geographer specializing in Disaster Management. She is a researcher on drought at the Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi. 

Dr. Nairwita Bandyopadhyay has both research and teaching experience at postgraduate level in :


Statistical application in Geography

Remote Sensing and GIS, 

and Disaster Studies with a specialization in droughts. 

She has published in international as well as national conferences and journals. She is widely travelled and has training from International Organizations in Greece, Spain and Beijing.

Discussion Points

The introduction of the session was about the ways of managing water and the  responsibilities of women in it. She also discussed the need for further study on Gendered Spaces in Drought – Prone Areas of Gujarat.

Later on students were taken through the tracing gendered spaces, power play, the responsibilities of women, children and male members in the family, physical problems of women, difficulty in collection and storage of the water and government plans to deal with the drought in that area. The areas touched during the discussion were the plans about school drop outs, cultural factors, the challenges of the interviewer during the interview and the government schemes to bring the water facility near their homes.


The session helped us to understand the problems of women and children who live in drought prone areas in Gujarat. Also the cultural factors and attitude of the people who live in that area.

Source of Funding (online lecture organized by Amrita ViswaVidyapeedam, Amritapuri)