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Nibha Namboodiri

Speaker Bio
Ms Nibha Namboodiri is a conservation and sustainability enthusiast and activist with more than 20 years of hands-on experience in initiating and preserving traditional as well as state of the art, practices and technologies for environmental sustainability, wildlife conservation, and animal welfare causes.

Her most recent work has been restoring and rejuvenating the river Tootha (Kunthi), through a people’s movement called ‘Puzha’. 

This movement has included:

  • Developing ecologically and economically viable land use practises
  • Identifying and preserving key watersheds and water bodies in the Tootha sub basin
  • Organising environmental education campaigns on river ecology, water conservation
  • Distributing educational materials
  • Lectures on river ecology
  • River Otter surveys and otter monitoring/conservation programmes