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Implementation Framework

Deployment of projects, refining methodologies, participatory design.

All of the solutions designed by The CWEGE and AMMACHI Labs, whether in technology, education platforms & courses, or social sciences are implemented in the field. We hold this to be our highest goal: to create solutions that can be of some benefit for society and to empower the population, especially women and girls. For this reason, we have always prioritized the implementation and fieldwork activities and have successfully worked with communities across India to provide empowerment and socially beneficial projects. Our implementation framework, or method of deploying our solutions, has been extensively researched and undergoes constant revision based on our impact assessment findings. The AWESOME framework is, in part, a systematic method for designing the most effective implementation strategies for any given context and is guiding our research going forward.

Our implementation strategies are guided by three values:

The real experts of any community, and the true measure of empowerment, are the community members themselves. For a project to work best, it must be co-created with the target population from design, to implementation, to impact evaluation, and beyond. The field staff must always approach the communities with respect and sensitivity, imbibing the spirit of Seva, or selfless service.
Empowering an individual without considering the social, political, and economic structures in which the person lives greatly reduces the sustainability of any project. The cwege projects make a concerted effort to create strong social groups among women and to encourage them to address the larger structures which may keep them marginalized. An empowered woman leads to an empowered community and vice-versa.
In line with the values of Amrita and inspired by the life of Mata Amritanandamayi, the Women’s Empowerment projects, field staff, and research approaches are designed with compassion and meant to encourage the community to higher goals. The life skills courses and vocational skills provided are selected to support personal growth and healthy, community development. The women are encouraged to examine their own values and to support activities that serve the greater good. We also understand that empowerment and sustainable development projects must be holistic and address the multi-dimensional factors that affect a community. Our implementation work is built from many components that work together to bring positive, sustainable changes to our target communities.

Selected Projects