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In Kodur Village, Sangareddy district of Telangana state

In Kodur Village, Sangareddy district of Telangana state, AMMACHI Labs has been actively involved in engaging the community in skill training and community cleanliness. Ongoing tailoring training sessions via tablet conducted by local SME tailors, Community Organizers & facilitators has proved to be successful. Recently, assessments for the 4th and 5th batch of tailoring students, showed great results and promise for these women as they continue to improve quality and fine tune their skills. The group is eager to continue attending classes and practice what they have learned.

Community cleanliness and waste management programs are part of AMMACHI Labs’ village outreach awareness training. Community Organizers and facilitators conducted a cleanup drive and around 30 people of all ages eagerly participated. The village was full of trash as the group started with the entrance of the village and made their way through. At the end, the village was transformed into a spotless beautiful place. This drive taught the community about waste management and environmental cleanliness and opened new possibilities towards maintaining a clean village. Check out the amazing before and after pics!
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