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Soap Making Course

The course is aimed at empowering rural women to gain the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to make various soap products using locally available tools and materials. This project aims at imparting a useful and practical skill whereby they can be self employed and can generate income for their family. Deployed in combination with the Rural Toilet Building course, would help villagers develop sanitation and hygiene awareness as well.
The course covers the following competencies:

  • Identify and use tools & materials required to make different types of soap products.
  • Make various types of soap products like bathing soap, washing soap, detergent powder, dishwashing powder, phenol, soap oil and Liquid Blue.
  • Take necessary safety precautions and first aid while engaged in making soap products.
  • Have a knowledge base regarding the various ingredients and oils used in the soap products.
  • Insertion of IV Cannula.
  • Also equips them with the ability to troubleshoot problems during the soap making process.
Subject Matter Experts:

Br. Shyam, M.A. Math, Amritapuri,
Mr. Muttu, Soap making expert, Madurai,
Mr. Appukuttan, Soap Making Expert, Trivandrum

Available languages:
  • English
  • Malayalam
  • Hindi
Major Accomplishments:
  • Course developed in 3 languages and deployed in over 11 states
  • Over 51 women already trained in soap making course and 151 women are currently under training of the same course.
  • Low literacy interactive games designed and piloted
Videos and Images: