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Ceramic Tiler Course

The course is aimed at empowering rural women to gain the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to lay ceramic tiles using locally available tools and materials, given the design. This project aims at imparting an additional skill that would help them secure employment and earn a living. This beautiful art of styling bathrooms, toilets and buildings would be like an icing to a cake when deployed in combination with the Rural Toilet Builder course and Plumbing course.

The course covers the following competencies:

  • Identify and use tools & materials required for tiling.
  • Take necessary safety precautions and first aid while tiling.
  • Perform basic plastering.
  • Perform tiling of a wall, bathroom floor, staircase and backsplash
  • Perform repairs like replacing a broken tile.
Subject Matter Experts:

Mr. Kahn, Tiler expert, Canada

Available languages:
  • English
Major Accomplishments:
  • Course developed in the English language
Videos and Images: