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Hair Stylist Course

The course is aimed at empowering rural women to gain the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes to grooming the hair using locally available tools and materials. This project aims at imparting knowledge and skill of different types of haircut styles for men and women.

The course covers the following competencies:

  • Identify and use tools & materials for Hair styling.
  • Perform basic skills for hair cutting.
  • Perform layered haircut on long hair for men.
  • Perform layered haircut on medium hair for men.
  • Perform Mop hairstyle for men
  • Perform office or business cut for men
  • Perform classic bobcut for women.
  • Perform cropcut for women.
  • Perform step cut curly hair for women.
  • Perform step cut straight hair for women.
Subject Matter Experts:

Mr. Dieter, Hair Style expert, Germany

Available languages:
  • English
Videos and Images: