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Seaweed Cultivation project – Field visits

December 4-5, 2023 – As a preparation step for the Seaweed Cultivation training project for women in Self-Help Groups SHGs, to take place in Ramanathapuram, Tamil Nadu, an AMMACHI Labs team accompanied by research expert in marine ecosystems Dr Avigdor, visited the area for 2 days and held various meetings with local instances.

The team held meetings with a Wildlife Forest Range officer, a Wildlife Warden, and professionals from the Fisheries department. Discussions in the meetings included inquiries about the different species of corals in the Gulf of Mannar biosphere reserve area, learning that sea cucumbers and Kappaphycus cultivation was banned inside the biosphere area, except for research under university purposes with an official permission.

The team also visited the coastal villages of Nambuthalai, Thirupalaikudi, Munaikadu and Olaikuda. These visits included:

Exploration of practical sites and the ocean in each of the locations to identify places with suitable potential for seaweed cultivation.
* Collecting seaweed samples.
* The observation of corals and sponges.
* Checking the local seaweed fish cage culture method, and the raft cultivation method.
* Interactions with local women and men.

The project is in partnership and joint funding between Amrita University and Transworld Group of Companies.