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The Power of Legal Awareness : Story of Sira Devi from Dunda Village, Uttarakhand

Seven months ago, Sira Devi from Dunda Village, Uttarakhand applied for pension in the village Panchayat office. She followed up by visiting and enquiring about the status, yet was never given any answer.

Sira Devi happened to attend AMMACHI Labs Legal Awareness Workshop and learnd about the Right To Information (RTI) Act. The very next morning she approached AMMACHI Labs’ team and shared her concerns about approval for her pension from the Panchayat.

Our legal awareness expert Seema Chaudhry informed Sira Devi of her rights and taught her how to file an RTI application. With her new skills, she went straight to the office and asked to fill out the RTI application. Suddenly and miraculously the officials told her not to worry and that her pension application would be processed the very next day.

The power of legal awareness is quite amazing, as this short video portrays Sira Devi with Seema Chaudhary. By the way, she got her pension.
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