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SMART Drilling Machine

SMART ( Skill Mentoring and Assistance in Real Time ) device to motion monitoring and audio-visual feedback for the students or trainees in Vocational Education and Training (VET) to assist in minimizing and correcting the errors in the use of different vocational occupational tools. SMART is easily attached to the vocational tool and can guide the user to conform to specific spatiotemporal trajectories and orientation as described by a predefined template.This SMART device we can attach to the actual drilling machine that will guide the user to reduce the errors while you performing the drilling operations. The drilling operations with an expert we captured and we set that as a reference and based on that the audiovisual feedback systems works while a trainee performing. This device we can use instead of the spirit level which we used in mason works also. SMART can provide a solution to the problem of shortage of skilled instructors, who are well informed of recommended practices in VET centers, which adversely affects the quality of skill of the trainees. SMART aims to reduce the dependency on trainers and let the student learn to work with tools at their own pace.


Augmented vocational tools using real time audiovisual feedback for psychomotor skill training

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