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DST Workshop: Interactive Media Of 21st Century

Workshop details

The workshop Interactive Media Of The 21st Century is used to strengthen the effective use of smartphones in using a digital platform, YouTube. Students learn how to utilize phone cameras to take good images and videos while adhering to photography principles, as well as how to create animated gifs and edit videos using smartphone applications. The course evolves from theoretical and practical work in storyboarding, making gif, filming videos, and editing them to a culminating project in which students upload this video to their YouTube channel for addressing the local community issues.

Workshop objectives

  • Maximizing the use of a mobile phone and its applications for creative applications.
  • Utilizing a social media space to address the audiences of digital environment 
  • Insight to the career opportunities in the field of media such as content writer, animator, editor, photographer, videographer, or journalist
  • Addressing national/global issues  with confidence
  • Educating students on the importance of leaving a positive digital footprint.

Learning outcomes

Vocational Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will improve in:

  • Skills in using mobile phones effectively
  • Vocabulary through script writing
  • Knowledge of composition rules
  • Creativity by shooting the videos and editing
  • Communication by voicing out their opinions

Essential Employability Skills

  • Communicates clearly, concisely, and correctly in written, spoken, and visual to fulfill the purpose and meet the needs of the audiences
  • Apply an organized approach in addressing the social problems.
  • Select and use appropriate smart phone applications (Flipaclip, InShot, Youtube) to efficiently and effectively complete a task or project
  • Be flexible; respect, be open to, and supportive of the thoughts, opinions, and contributions of others
  • Take responsibility for own actions, decisions, and consequences
  • Manage the use of time and other resources

Life skills/Social outcomes

  • Approach to problem-solving and critical thinking that can help you improve your career opportunities and quality of work in the future.
  • Boost self-esteem and creativity through empowering and boosting self-confidence.
  • Offers a memorable, enjoyable, and educational experience.
  • Encourage children, children and teachers, and children and parents to work together.

Sow the seeds for micro-communities that can benefit from supporting and rewarding creativity.

Workshop structure

See the attached session plan for the workshop. It will also provide the session-wise objectives and expected outcomes.


Children in the age group of 13 – 15 years. Preferably, children in secondary school with basic computer literacy and proficiency in vernacular Hindi. 


Applications in Smartphones
  • Flipaclip app
  • inshot app
  • youtube
  • decent camera quality
Other necessaries
  • smartphones with good Internet 
  • Projectors 
  • Basic stationery 
  • virtual reality (oculus headset) from the team


How was the whole workshop for you?

Om Namah Shivaya. Thank you for a great course. Great presentation style with lots of opportunities to ask questions and talk about which all made for a really enjoyable and informative course.” “This has more than met my expectations. A wonderfully practical course. Thank you! 

Parvathy.L (X- B -14)

Om Namah Shivaya! I have really liked the way this workshop has been conducted. It has given me a chance to know more about animation what it is actually and many more like how to edit it club it. Thus it was  a fantastic workshop to learn about. Thank you!

Komal Khandelwal (X-B, 9)
Testimonial by: Yash Thakur, Class 10

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