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Technology 4 Education conference

November 24-26, 2023 – AMMACHI Labs and CWEGE (Center for Women Empowerment and Gender Equality) presented four papers at the Technology 4 Education T4E conference ( Link: https://etsociety.org/t4e2023/ ) organized at the Indian Institute of Technology IIT Bombay. The papers were well received with appreciation for the work. Some participants expressed interest in collaborating on educational technologies.

The four papers:

  1. Blended Learning for Women’s Business Development in Rural India: Enhancing Technology Adoption and Bridging the Gender Digital Divide. Authors (CWEGE): Bhanu V R, Niksheeta Nayar, Amritha Natarajan, Reshma Ramesh, Aswathi Padmavilochanan and Srividya Sheshadri
  2. Strategies for effective monitoring of Short term decentralized Skill Development Programs (SDPs). Authors (CWEGE): Parameswari Anitha, Lekha Shekar, Bhanu V R, Nisheetha Nayar, Balu M Menon, Srividya Sheshadri and Aswathi Padmavilochanan
  3. Inclusive learning model for technology-enhanced vocational education through culturally responsive pedagogy. Authors (CWEGE): Sithara G S, Srividya Sheshadri, Reshma Remesh, V R Bhanu and Niksheeta Nayar
  4. VR-based Scaffold Assembling Simulator for Construction Industry Training and Its Evaluation for Usefulness and Immersiveness with Experts. Authors (AMMACHI Labs): Deepu D S, Rohith P, Krishnachandran, Jose James, Shashi Kant Shankar and Shankar Ramesh