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Thematic Expert Consultation on the Right to Higher Education: Gender

Dr. Bhavani Rao, UNESCO Chairholder on Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment participated in an experts’ gender consultation on UNESCO’s Right to Higher Education project. At the event titled: “Thematic Expert Consultation on the Right to Higher Education: Gender” our chair shared findings on gendered challenges to the right to higher education. As a future aim, this group will work towards a series of Guiding Principles on the Right to Higher Education. Such global guidelines would be adapted and used in various contexts. The event was organized by UNESCO’s International Institute for Higher Education in Latin America & the Caribbean (UNESCO-IESALC) and UNESCO’s Section on Education for Inclusion and Gender Equality and took place virtually on January 27, 2023.

Virtual event hosted by UNESCO-IESALC

Link to event: https://www.iesalc.unesco.org/en/evento/higher-education-conversations-higher-education-and-gender-equality/