Our Response to COVID-19

Through our Life Enrichment Education Program, women are given soft-skills and awareness courses using tablets

Ammachi Labs offers Life Enrichment Education.  afc_sheejaBoth economic and social empowerment are addressed in our two prong approach; interweaving computerized vocational education and training (cVET) with life enrichment education (LEE). While cVET provides technical skills in competencies to enahnce one’s viability in the work force, LEE provides an all inclusive set of skills to facilitate the integration and sustainability of the technical skills into one’s life. Our Life Enrichment Education program directly addresses the social issues that plague the very communities we are working with.


Issues such as cleanliness, sanitation and hygiene and it’s effect on health, alcoholism and substance abuse, nutrition, women’s health and reproductive issues, child abuse, birth and gender selection, family planning, sexually transmitted diseases, human trafficking, terrorism, disaster awareness and preparedness, environmental awareness and health, waste management, safety and security, self confidence and mental health, self help group formation, money awareness and management, interpersonal skills and interaction training, conflict resolution, managing emotions, awareness of community and available infrastructures and services, how to use and be aware of computer and mobile technology, and more are discussed and addressed.

Children also benefit from the interactive LEE activities such as hand washing, nail cutting, hygiene, and sanitation awareness. All LEE activities are done in community settings to begin with an infrastructure of support and teamwork. Results from the field have shown that this is a powerful way to scale up skill development and respond to the needs of a community. Soap making is also taught as a component of the sanitation and hygiene awareness. Plans are in place to launch a foundational life course on values and ethics in the villages.