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We are so excited about a new batch of up cycled embroidered rice sack pouches

We are so excited about a new batch of #upcycled embroidered rice sack pouches, made as part of our Women’s Empowerment projects.

It all started with a women’s self-help group in Uttarakhand, organized by Suchita the local tailoring teacher. We worked with Suchita to come up with standardized bag sizes and taught the group how to insert zippers, sew fabric lining, etc. After our training, Suchita took care of organizing the production of the bags.

There is a tradition throughout India of reusing empty rice bags. They can be found covering packages, as makeshift suitcases, and much more. When entering a home in Dunda, Uttarakhand, you may see a table cover or pillow case stitched out of rice bags that are embroidered with brightly colored threads. These pouches are an extension of this tradition. Each pouch is made out of recycled rice bags, hand embroidered with brightly colored scrap yarn. The colorful designs and patterns are particular to the individual artisan, making each pouch unique. #Waste2Wealth #Upcycle #womenempowerment #womenartisans