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WE: Sanitation Annual Update 2015

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Can technology and life skills be used to bring about social changes to address India’s challenges like open defecation and unhealthy sanitation practices? We believe so!

A year ago, twenty women from the village of Bhoi Sahi in Odisha took a bold step for themselves and their families. They were the first women to participate in AMMACHI Labs’ skill development model (cVET + LEE) to build fully functional toilets in their own homes and spread awareness of sanitation in their community. Through the WE: Sanitation Campaign, they have become ambassadors of change in their community and an inspiration for all women.

In the past year, AMMACHI Labs has ventured out to villages in India to empower women to construct, install and maintain toilets in their own communities. Building a deep empathy with our end-users is the way we discover and address local issues. The knowledge sharing between villages and our team has been an invaluable resource in tackling complex problems.

In one year
-We have been through 18 states with plans to reach 21+
-3,500 people have participated in sanitation awareness
and community events
-100 Toilets were built by women
-160 Women were trained in toilet building
-172 Women were trained in soap making

We’ve learned a lot along the way. Learn more about our journey during this past year in this visually rich downloadable booklet.

Download: WE: Sanitation Annual Update 2015 E-Book