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Workshop series on “Project Management” by Ranganadhan Nadadhur

Resource Person: Ranganadhan Nadadhur

Venue: Ammachi Labs

Date: 04/02/2017

Attendees: Ajay Balakrishnan, Jayakumar K, Deepu D S, Unnikrishnan, Akshay Nagarajan, Arathi B

Workshop Introduction:

This workshop introduces Basics of Project Management for a project. Learning practical ways to use Project Management knowledge and skills to handle Ammachi Labs current and future projects, whether it is large or small, is ideal starting point for participants.


The main objective behind the training workshop on Project Management is to get the delegates learn the essential ins and outs of managing a project – from start to end and what’s in between. Along with that, the team leads needed to understand what to focus when managing their work, specially the projects they work on. That is, being project managers their needs to be a balanced focus on all aspects of the project, from individual team members to the team itself to the task on hand.

The following core concepts were covered in the training program:

♣ Project Mission 

♣ Project Planning 

♣ Project Progress Monitoring 

♣ Handling Clients and Stakeholders 

♣ Handling Team Members 

♣ Meaningful Meetings

 ♣ Project Close


Gained knowledge on how to start a project using main elements of Project Management. Planning and organizing project using Scope, Resources, Time and Money of Project Management.

Participants learnt how to identify and organize resources, form a project team, meet budget requirements while maintaining the quality of tasks, manage time, avoid risks effectively, guide the team members throughout the project while addressing and solving hurdles


Participants gained the basic knowledge of Project Management Process to handle small scale projects using some of the Project Management Elements.

Hopefully participants will apply these techniques and processes in their current projects. And contributes to their future career pursuit for project management jobs.

Participants of the Project Management Workshop with Mr. Ranganadhan