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Collaboration in Seaweed Cultivation

March 15th, 2024, the AMMACHI Labs Seaweed Cultivation team embarked on a significant visit to Alagappa University in Thondi. During this visit, they had the opportunity to engage with Dr. Paramasivam, who holds the position of Assistant Professor in Marine Microbiology within the Department of Oceanography at the university.
This meeting likely involved discussions and exchanges related to seaweed cultivation, which is a significant area of interest for both AMMACHI Labs and Alagappa University. Dr. Paramasivam, being an expert in marine microbiology, likely provided valuable insights, expertise, and possibly collaboration opportunities for the seaweed cultivation efforts of the AMMACHI Labs team.
Overall, this encounter was likely fruitful and contributed to the mutual goals of advancing knowledge and practices in seaweed cultivation, potentially fostering collaboration between the two entities for future research and projects in this field.