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Advancing Seaweed Cultivation: AMMACHI Labs’ Field Visit and Training Initiatives

March 16th, 2024, AMMACHI Labs conducted a significant visit to their student’s seaweed farm in Thirupalaikudi. During this visit, the team encountered an extreme low tide level, emphasizing the dynamic nature of seaweed cultivation environments.

Engaging actively in seaweed growth monitoring, the Seaweed Cultivation trainees participated in regular monitoring activities to optimize yield. Furthermore, they devoted time to constructing a plot for a research-based experiment, indicating a commitment to advancing knowledge in the field. The procurement of Gracialria and Ulva species from Nambuthalai village underscores their dedication to hands-on research and potential comparative studies.

Capitalizing on the field visit, the team seized the opportunity to gather materials for a drying platform, including a wooden frame, mesh nets, and PVC sheets. This initiative aims to streamline the drying process of harvested seaweed, essential for its preservation and subsequent use or sale.

Overall, AMMACHI Labs’ visit and accompanying activities underscore their dedication to practical research and training in seaweed cultivation. By equipping trainees with essential infrastructure and fostering a research-driven approach, they demonstrate a commitment to advancing the industry and empowering practitioners for success.