Our Response to COVID-19

Empowering Seaweed Cultivation: AMMACHI Labs Supports Students in Thirupalaikkudi

March 30th, 2024, members of the AMMACHI Labs team visited our students in Thirupalaikkudi to provide essential equipment for their seaweed cultivation endeavors. This included hats, goggles, poya boats, baskets, and tarpaulin sheets, all aimed at supporting and enhancing their efforts in seaweed cultivation.
 The project is a collaborative effort with joint funding from Amrita University and Transworld Group of Companies. This partnership highlights a commitment to sustainable agricultural practices and community development, specifically focusing on empowering students and fostering innovation in seaweed cultivation.
Through the distribution of necessary tools and resources, the project aims to contribute to the success and sustainability of seaweed cultivation initiatives in Thirupalaikkudi, benefiting both the local community and the broader efforts towards environmental conservation and economic empowerment.