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Enhancing Seaweed Cultivation: Insights from AMMACHI Labs’ Visit to Thirupalaikudi

March16th, 2024, AMMACHI Labs visited a seaweed farm owned by our students in #Thirupalaikudi. During the visit, they observed an unusually low tide level on the plots where seaweed is cultivated.

The trainees who are learning about seaweed cultivation have been actively involved in monitoring the seaweed growth to ensure maximum yield. Additionally, they dedicated time to set up a plot for a research-based experiment. For this experiment, they collected species of Gracilaria and Ulva from #Nambuthalai village.

During their time in the field, the team took advantage of the opportunity to purchase materials such as a wooden frame, mesh nets, and PVC sheets. These materials were acquired to construct a drying platform, which will be used by the trainees for drying seaweed effectively. This initiative aims to enhance the efficiency of the seaweed cultivation process and improve the quality of the final product.