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A successful LEE-In-Community Activity in Haryana

Extreme Makeover, AMMACHI Labs style. In a perfect example of taking up social responsibility, our Rural Toilet Building trainees (all women) of Kanti village, Haryana have brought about a transformation in their community by addressing sanitation and hygiene issues.

Kanti has long suffered with roads flooded with stagnant water, pathogens, and other waste. Recently, because of the RTB trainees’ efforts, a few of these roads received a complete makeover. The women’s self-help group filed an application with their ‘Sarpanch’, (point of contact between government officers & village community) & had their roads repaved. At first skeptical villagers resisted the idea, fearful of change. However, once the finished result was observed and the dissenters realized no personal property would be sacrificed in the repairs, similar projects are now underway throughout the village.

This successful LEE-In-Community activity is an outcome of the social empowerment discussions held during AMMACHI Labs’ recent visit there. The dialogue inspired the women leaders to enact change in a place where traditions are hard to bend. #womenempowerment #womenpower #gendergap #storiesofempowerment #Harayana #lifeskills