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Breaking Down Barriers in Bihar.

Mausam Devi is the new facilitator working with the Musahar community at Ratanpur in community toilet building.Though she belongs to the Rajput caste, considered to be the highest one, she decided to take a big step out of her house and work for a community which has been devalued and isolated by other castes. Comments and criticism from her social circles and family did not dissuade Mausam from following her heart’s calling.

Despite the lack of support and many challenges, she has become a role model by breaking traditional caste barriers. She is teaching them basic literacy skills and has insisted on keeping the village neat and orderly by through waste management and hygiene awareness. She is sharing her multiple skills with others such as tailoring arts, painting, and handicrafts such as Teddy Bear making, sweater knitting and working with fabrics. By choosing to work with one of the most deprived communities in the region and finding a common ground through empowerment, she reminds us that everyday inspiration comes in simple ways. #womenempowerment #womenpower #rolemodel #gendergap #storiesofempowerment #Bihar