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Gainful Employment to AMMACHI Labs’ Sanitation Change Ambassadors!

Gainful Employment to AMMACHI Labs’ Sanitation Change Ambassadors!

Last September, our Allahabad village Sarai Nooruddin had achieved #ODF feat, with community’s participation. Around same time, we nominated 21 village youth for Government’s #CLTS (Community led total sanitation) training including our CO & Facilitator. Today all of them are employed and engaged in triggering behavioural change in other villages of the district through role pay, rally, presentations and series of other interventions during their field visit).

They get paid an avg. 6000-8000/month for 3-4 hours field visit, in addition to food and accommodation at site. While earning they can keep up with their studies/vocation also. Majority are girls and we are pleasantly surprised none dropped out and are actively involved. Earlier they did triggering exercise in and around the villages near the Ganges (during Kumbh Mela in Jan/Feb). Now this work seems for 6-7 months. It is heard, after this government plans to scale up by hiring them to capture data, analysis, making performance reports of villages/district. Since majority of these youth are our computer students, they stand a good chance.