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4th Global Conference on Women’s Studies: Keynote Address & Official Partner

Dr. Bhavani Rao was a virtual Keynote speaker at the 4th Global Conference on Women’s Studies, November 26, 2022. Her talk focused on the diverse projects undertaken by the UNESCO Chair on Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment. She highlighted the interventions Indian villages that bring women to the table. These interventions and projects are platforms for women to co-create solutions to community problems while increasing their participation and social democratic voice as a means to achieve gender equality.

Dr. Bhavani Rao delivering the Keynote Address

The Amrita UNESCO Chair on Gender Equality and Women Empowerment also served as an official partner of the conference. #WOMENSCONF aims to zoom in on pressing challenges in the field and the barriers that communities face on a global, regional, and local levels in their fight for gender equality.

Following the success of the third edition of the Global Conference on Women’s Studies, the 4th edition of this premier academic event was attended by scholars, researchers, and scientists from around the world, is more than an academic event.

The in-person event took place at Roehampton University, Elm Grove Conference Centre Nov 24-26, 2022. Dr. Bhavani Rao attended virtually.

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