Our Response to COVID-19

Here is a great example of social innovation at its best.

Here is a great example of social innovation at its best. Using 3D modelling, engineers at AMMACHI Labs designed a 3D toilet mould that can reduce construction time and costs in rural settings. They have taken the design to manufacture the mould for a toilet-building sprint scheduled for the month of September to build toilets across India to help end open defecation.
Lightly dubbed as the MTF Model” (Monday-Tuesday-Finished) or the “Two day toilet,” the mold-based toilet construction technique makes constructing toilets more easy, efficient and economically viable for rural women. When used by a semi-skilled group of four women, the total time to construct a unit with the mould is reduced to approximately 40 hours compared to 76 hours in conventional construction. A group could in theory build one toilet per day which could speed up #ODF efforts across India through UNDEF #ChampionsofChange project. The project aims to empower at least 5,000 women in rural India to champion sanitation and community development through participation in the democratic process. #Labs2Field UNDP in India

Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SNH_0f4n2Cw